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People are everything at Green Thumb. Some of us nurture plants while others pore over legal documents or open new stores. A few things we have in common? We’re stewards of the plant, a happy and humble bunch and genuinely love what we do.


What’s our team like? Get to know us.

These traits hold us accountable as people who make up a business, so we grow individually and collectively to serve even more people.

We’re humble—We prefer quiet confidence and don’t shout about our success.

We’re hardworking— We put our heads down and get the job done.

We’re grateful— Working in our industry is a privilege and an act of service.

We’re transparent— Honest and open communication keeps us healthy as an organization.

We have integrity— We stand by our word and prove it through our actions.

Letter from the founder.

Growing up, my grandfather sparked my imagination and appreciation for puzzles and problem solving. We learned that if one could “Remove All Assumptions” and stay open to possibilities, it could lead to new ways of thinking and often interesting solutions. 

At Green Thumb, we are here because we believe deeply in a new way of well-being. We believe strongly that cannabis can enable that change and that we can achieve it by working together.

Before this business existed, I voted for Prop 215 while going to school in California back in 1996. This was the country’s first ballot initiative to pass and legalize medical marijuana statewide. It was a privilege to be part of this American process.

Since then, the end of cannabis prohibition has fascinated me. I studied the parallels with the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the 1930’s. It became clear that in fact, “history does not repeat, it rhymes.” We were entering Prohibition 2.0.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something important: to provide access to a product that can curb the opioid epidemic, to create jobs, to generate tax revenue to fund underfunded education programs, and most importantly, to help people live happier, healthier, more comfortably.

This progress starts and ends with people. People who believe in change. People who believe in what we do. In short, people like you.

We are grateful to those who have done this hard work before us. They have made it possible for us to exist. They remind us that when others are wary, we can be bold. We can remove all assumptions to do things differently – how would we want to have done it if we’re going to do it forever – and help even more people along the way.

Thank you for joining our journey to well-being.

Ben Kovler

CEO, Founder, & Chairman

Ben Kovler

Help us shape the future of cannabis.

From harvesting flower to helping a guest find the perfect product, our people leave their unique thumbprint across the company.

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