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Advertising and Marketing Guidelines

We believe our patients and consumers have a right to wellness. In order to fulfill this mission, we must communicate with and notify our patients and consumers about cannabis and Green Thumb cannabis products in a responsible and thoughtful way.

Through our advertising and marketing materials, Green Thumb strives to inform and educate patients and consumers about cannabis products that are available in the states where cannabis is permitted. While these efforts encourage competition within the cannabis industry, we also aim to foster patient/consumer loyalty to Green Thumb, Rise Dispensaries and Green Thumb brands.

All marketing efforts and materials are intended to engage the perspective of the adult consumer who is not underage. In crafting our marketing strategies, we are guided by a general set of principles:

  • Cannabis advertising should not directly or indirectly propose that any laws pertinent to the sale and consumption of cannabis should not be complied with.
  • Advertising should adhere to general and industry standard advertising best practices.
  • Abuse or inappropriate consumption of cannabis should not be encouraged directly or indirectly.
  • Advertising themes and concepts should reflect that Green Thumb are responsible corporate citizens.
  • Advertising themes, concepts and visuals should not depict any imagery that may target an underage person or intend to encourage an underage person to consume cannabis.

In creating responsible advertising and marketing materials, Green Thumb follows advertising guidelines and regulations set forth by all the states we operate within, where applicable. Please review relevant marketing and advertising codes below.

We Want Your Feedback

If you have any concerns about any of our marketing materials, or if you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve our education and youth prevention efforts, or if you want to give us a compliment, please email us at We’d love to hear from you. Until then, let’s inspire impact together.

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